Greetings New Beginnings Family! Long letter, but PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS!

The last 10 days have been a bit… unusual. What an incredible gathering we had this past Sunday (3/15) at the Broken Chains Church in Taunton! We thought we’d be there again, but as you know, this situation seems to change by the moment. I am so thankful for all of you and how this body of believers has responded so quickly to an ever changing situation, and for the love and care you have shown to one another, and to those outside of/beyond our local body of believers. There are a number of items that would be important to address, although it is unlikely I will remember them all – but I will do my best. Please take the time to carefully read this communication. As always, and even more so now, be watching for changes, update, additional information via email and www.http://facebook.com/newbeginningsplainville, as our primary means of communicating.

I can’t stress enough how essential it is we be even better connected than ever and continue to “meet together,” whether that is in person or other means that modern technology makes possible. Let me encourage you, if you have not already done so, to view the facebook live replay from Thursday, March 19th. Nick and Bethanne, who have been a huge help to me this week, joined me on the broadcast and brought much energy, insight, and encouragement. Please, watch it as it will be very encouraging to you and address biblical and spiritual reasons for our need for community. This letter will already be long enough without me going into a recap of that video stream. I will address our means of connecting later in this letter.

Working with the board and other leaders at New Beginnings, we are doing all we can to keep every person connected. Certain individuals/couples will be primarily responsible for connecting, communicating with, and encouraging smaller groups within the body. Of course, even if you are not one who is “assigned” to be a contact person, please, reach out to one another.

Some members of our body are self-quarantined. Anyone who needs anything, an errand run, or whatever, but cannot/should not be going out of the house should contact Shelly (text: 508-838-8816, or email: mailto:DAVSHL2@icloud.com) and she will work to find someone to take care of that need as best as possible.

While our gathering together may look different at this time, there are several ways and opportunities for us to do this each week:
SUNDAY SERVICE – We will gather for Sunday service at our regular time (approximately) to worship, pray, and build our faith through the preaching/teaching of the word of God. Here are the various means:
•Those who are able and feel comfortable doing so, will gather in a host home (approx 4-8 people), to worship and pray together, and at approximately 10:20 am, will join a live “Zoom” video conference for the sermon. The host will take care of this, and you can simply show up a little before 10:00 am. You will be contacted about where you can go for your host home.
•For those who cannot go out, for understandable reasons, PLEASE let your “host” know you are unable to attend even a small group. It is not our intent or desire to pressure or guilt anyone into going to a home. Your host will inform us and we will email you directly the link and other details of how to join the live Zoom Video Conference. The value of this format is that you will see on your screen any other groups or individuals that are in the meeting at that time. You can/should log on earlier if you need this option and will go to a virtual waiting room until we go live.
•There is another option for those who need to stay in their homes. In addition to Zoom, the message portion of our Sunday gathering will also be broadcast on Facebook Live (approximately 10:20 am) on the church facebook page. While we cannot see on camera others who join this way, you can, and are encouraged to communicate in the comment section even if just to say hello and let us know you are “in the room.” We can see and reply to these comments during or after the broadcast.
•Another note – if you are able and comfortable doing so, being together in person, even just a few people is amazing. If not, the pros of the Zoom Video have been stated. The value of the Facebook Live stream is that you can invite others (friends, family, unchurched people, etc.) to join a “watch party” from wherever they are. Also, the Facebook Live videos can be watched at a later time. We strongly urge you to SHARE SHARE SHARE these live streams/replays.
•Finally, regarding Sunday, we want to encourage you, if joining via Facebook, to do so at the actual “live” time so we are hearing at the same time what God is speaking!
WEEKDAY GATHERINGS – As we were live on Facebook this past Thursday, we are looking at going live at least twice each week. We will announce the days/times in advance, possible themes of the broadcasts, etc. Even though the actual live presentation may not be at a time you are available (ie. you are at work, etc.), as stated above, these will be well worth your time to listen to and to share with others and invite others to listen.

PERSONAL/FAMILY DEVOTION – What a great time and opportunity to give even greater attention to being in the Word of God and prayer, individually and with your spouse/family. Don’t spend your time feeding your mind/heart the never ending “news” about what is going on in our locally, nationally, and globally related to this current crisis. There really is (in my opinion) zero value in knowing how many new cases are confirmed, and such other information. There IS value, now and eternally, in Godliness and development of your faith through the Word. Many of you have been doing the IMMERSE reading plan, and we’ve had such great small groups. You either are finishing up that plan, or are close to doing so. My strong recommendation is that when you finish the reading plan, START ALL OVER AGAIN! We don’t know when we will have our “traditional small groups,” but we can all still be closely in the same portion of the Word.

STEWARDSHIP – Let’s take a moment to address stewardship… without our meeting together in one larger gathering, it could be easy to overlook/neglect worshipping the Lord with our giving and generosity. While the church does continue to have operating expenses even in a time like this, ultimately it is about our obedience, our faithfulness, and about Him still being able to bless and provide for us. People are concerned about the financial impact that this crisis is causing, and understandably so. Nevertheless, God has provided Scriptural and Spiritual encouragement and counsel on how we can continue to thrive even in the midst of “famine.” I think I will be addressing this idea in one of our midweek live streams this week – there are truly biblical principles that will encourage and build your faith in this area, so please, tune in live or to the rebroadcast. Some have asked about giving during this time – Thank you for your heart of faith and generosity, for the sake of New Beginnings and also for the many missionaries we support in the global great commission that are still dependent upon our support. It is my prayer that we will actually nit just get by in this season, but actually be a source that God’s blessing and provision flows through us to meet the needs of others in a greater way than ever… kind of like feeding 5,000 out of nearly nothing. For us to do so, we must be faithful in stewardship. Here are ways you can continue to give to the work of God’s kingdom through New Beginnings:
•Give your tithes/offerings/missions faith promises etc to your host home leader when you meet – they are trustworthy to get those to our treasurer for deposit.
•Download and use the secure http://tithe.ly app on your smartphone – search New Beginnings/Plainville
•Use http://tithe.ly on the internet at this link, https://tithe.ly/give_new/www/#/tithely/give-one-time/566709 You can also find a “give” button on our web page that will bring you to tithely.
•By “snail mail” directly to NBCF, PO Box 2247, Plainville MA 02762
•By texting the word “give” to the number (844)874-1483 – (tentative, not activated as of 3/20) .

IN CONCLUSION – I’ve been thinking about the messages that the Holy Spirit has spoken to us at New Beginnings over the last several months… all the things that God is restoring and doing in His church for the last days. I am convinced He has been preparing us for this moment. Please remember, from the March 1st message, “it’s not really even about the storm… the storm is not our destiny. It is a distraction. We are going through to the other side.”

The message we will hear tomorrow, Sunday March 22, is something God began stirring in my heart several weeks ago. I believe He intends it for us at this time. Your faith will be built up, you will be encouraged, and He will receive glory. Whether tomorrow you are in a small host home group, with your family, or joining/inviting others even beyond our congregation to a “watch party” in our Facebook Live stream, I look forward to “seeing” you and being with you tomorrow!

God knew where you would be and when you would be, and has you/us here “for such a time as this.”

Grace and Peace!

Pastor Dave


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10:00am – worship via YouTube at your host home
10:20am – video conferencing and FB Live with Pastor Dave for The Word.

During the week we are going to begin hosting live discipleship videos to build faith and encourage one another. The first one will be tomorrow (March 19) at noon.  These will be on Facebook Live – CLICK HERE

Please check back periodically for more updates as things are changing often.

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”
John 16:33


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  1.  God cares about every family and each individual across our communities

2.    There is no need too big for Him to meet and no problem too hard to solve, nor is there any need so small that He is unconcerned.

3.    God hears and answers prayer!

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