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General Information

Sunday services are at 10:00 a.m. each week.  Ministry for children is available during services for nursery through kindergarten and grades 1-5.  Our children’s workers provide a safe and comfortable environment in which children learn in fun and age-appropriate level.  This allows you to remain in service without worry or distraction.

Click here for information about Kids Church.

 Small Groups meet at various times and days of the week in homes throughout the community.  This is one of the vital ways we grow in our faith through connecting with one another.  Stop at the welcome center or check our website for more information of current groups that are meeting.


What should you expect at one of our services?

While it is difficult to define a “typical” service, there are certain elements that tend to be a regular part of our weekly gatherings.

WORSHIP – At times it may be quiet and introspective, while other times it is louder and highly expressive, and may include clapping, raising hands, singing and praying out loud.  While the leadership understands the need for a degree of order, we allow room for spontaneity, room for the Holy Spirit to move, and for people to respond.

MUSIC and SINGING are almost always a major feature of our gatherings, both with a range of instruments and styles, at times deeply reverent, other times highly celebrative, but always directed toward God.

PRAYER is a vital element in our gatherings as we believe God hears and answers prayer.   In addition to prayers led by a pastor or designee, there are times of personal prayer, spontaneous prayer, prayer for one another, times for people to come and receive prayer for specific needs either during the service or in response following the preaching.

GIVING.  Tithes and offerings will be received at some time during the gathering.  Even this is an act of worship and faith.  It is a time during which we acknowledge God’s blessing and provision in our lives.  We desire our generosity in giving to reflect the generosity He showed in giving everything when He gave His Son for us.   Free-will and generous giving doesn’t merely allow us to meet operating expenses, it allows us to meet needs, serve others, and support numerous missionary works locally and globally.

PREACHING is a vital feature each week.  The pastor or an invited guest will bring a fervent and inspiring message that is biblical and Christ-centered, relevant to life, and practical in application.  Believing we are to be more than hearers of the Word, opportunity is given for people to respond, often by raising hands, standing, or coming to the altar at the front.  It is here people often respond to the Word of God for things such as receiving salvation, forgiveness, healing, Holy Spirit empowerment, and more.

CLOSING.  We do not always have a formal closing of the service, recognizing that while some may need to or be ready to go, others want to linger in prayer and worship.  We encourage you to hang around a little, mingle, and continue to experience God through fellowship with other believers.